“Janathakshan” is a Sanskrit word meaning “People’s Technology”. We believe technology can ensure higher standards of living without compromising the rights of future generations. The Logo of Janathakshan comprised of two colours, green and blue resembling water and trees. It shows the value and needs to protect the natural environment. The shape of the logo is in the shape of Sri Lanka. Being based in Sri Lanka, Janathakshan thrives to protect the Mother Nature while facing other current and projected challenges in natural and socio-economic environmental nexus.

Janathakshan’s work is built on three interrelated domains of Resilience Building, Circular Economy and
Low Carbon Development

Resilience Building

Making the systems, and people’s ability to face external shocks and bounce back to a better position sooner.The number and frequency of various..

Circular Economy

Making the development process sustainable by making it not over-exploiting the natural resources beyond its regenerating capacity. The conventional economic and growth

Low Carbon Development

The world should move away from business-as-usual, carbon-intensive development pathways with the current and projected effects of climate change.